One Good Deed Deserves A Kick In The Pants

Have you at any point had the inclination that any great deed you attempt is neutralized by a decent quick kick in the jeans?

I as of late got a snappy lunch at a neighborhood eatery. I don’t care for eating at fast food eateries, at the same time, sometimes, I don’t have much decision. At that point, once in the eatery the menu doesn’t give me much decision, either.

I requested my lunch and settled at a corner table. About part of the way through my lunch a more seasoned couple took the table by me. Being a “people watcher,” which is a favor method for saying, “I’m meddlesome,” I watched this couple out of the side of my eye.

I saw immediately the lady got her things arranged promptly. Not so with the man.

He attempted to unwrap the plastic fork. He bumbled attempting to break the plastic wrapping and free his fork so he could start eating. Nothing he did appeared to propel his motivation.

Without overlooking anything, his significant other came to over, took the wrapped fork from her better half, popped it open in one simple movement and gave it back to him. Without saying a word, he took it and started eating.

This occurrence helped me to remember something that happened the prior week.

A companion called, inquiring as to whether I could help a companion of his who was moving from Florida to Virginia and had no one to help him. Promptly I consented to help everything I could. In the wake of hanging up my telephone, I pondered what I had gotten myself into.

I instructed him to have this individual call me. I assumed if he doesn’t call, I wouldn’t need to offer assistance. No sooner had this idea meandered through the little dim cells, at that point the phone rang. It was this individual asking for my help.

I welcomed him to chapel on Sunday and we would perceive how we could help him. I trusted the “we” didn’t signify “me.” After hanging up the phone, I told my better half the occurrence and she reassuringly stated, “He may not come to chapel.” I breathed easy because of her recommendation.

On Sunday morning, a hour prior to administrations, this individual appeared at chapel. He presented himself and we acclimated.

“All I have,” he guaranteed me, “are 25 boxes of books that I have to take to the mail station so I can mail them to where I am going.”

All things considered, I pondered, this may not be as awful as I thought.

On arousing Monday morning, misgivings about the entire venture barraged my vacant head. I was endeavoring to think about some approach to generous bow out of the entire chaos.

I have an issue articulating “no.” You have no clue the inconvenience this has brought me. I’m considering counseling a language teacher to help me.

My watch disclosed to me I was running somewhat late. I wish my watch would reveal to me how to escape such dilemmas. In any case, when I asked, it didn’t give a tick. At that point a thought burst in my noggin. In the event that he said anything in regards to me being late I will get frantic, pivot and go home. Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that he wasn’t prepared to move the crates when I arrived, I would, while throwing a mini tantrum, pivot and step off and go home.

It’s been such quite a while since I got distraught or irate that I wasn’t certain of my arrangement. Be that as it may, I contemplated to myself, it’s justified regardless of an attempt.

I ended up running around 45 minutes late. I was smiling to myself, figuring this would be sufficient to influence him to say something in regards to my lateness.

When I arrived, he was sitting tight for me with everything in availability. He welcomed me in an exceptionally lively voice and made no say at about my delay.

This troubled me.

Looking over the work before us, I figured it would just a couple of hours to stack the truck, drive to the mail station, which was just two or three squares away.

I had the favorable activity of lifting each container from the truck up on to the dolly on the dock, a few feet over my head. Entangling things significantly more, the mail station work force regulating the emptying of these cases was a lady. This implied I couldn’t moan nor whine about the strain of lifting boxes a few feet over my head. I get it must take care of business thing.

I was pondering while at the same time working, exactly why he requested offer assistance. Truly, this was not a two-man work. He could have done this pleasantly without anyone else.

At that point the genuine reason slipped out from under a close-by shake where it had been stowing away.

“The school where I will educate,” he started, “will repay me for every one of my costs in moving. Be that as it may… ” I was currently prepared for whatever remains of the story. “Yet, I am somewhat short on money and was thinking about whether you could help me? I’ll be happy to send the cash back to you.”

At that point I got frantic.

I thought he needed a hand up when in actuality he needed a give out.

Driving home I was helped to remember what the Bible stated, “And let us not be exhausted in well doing: for in due season we should procure, on the off chance that we swoon not. As we have in this way opportunity, let us do great unto all men, particularly unto them who are of the family of confidence.” (Galatians 6:9-10).

I recollected what somebody let me know once. It’s not possible for anyone to exploit a Good Samaritan.

Dr. James L. Snyder is minister of the Family of God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. He lives with his significant other in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 352-687-4240 or email The congregation site is

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